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Welcome to OM SAI AYURVEDA Clinic Dhanbad, with a mission of spreading awareness in Ayurveda and managing chronic obstinate lifestyle disorders under the astute leadership of Drugs . we are technical expert at the Department of Ayurved. People's from all over the Jharkhand have been benefitted by our rich experience in teaching and treatment. We are getting clients from all in Jharkhand and other state in our Clinic. Contact to our doctors today for a natural, personalized healthcare solution. "Skin disease" "shighrapatan ki dawa" "Skin Disease Treatment" "Hernia Disease Treatment" "Likoria Treatment"
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Ayurvedic Treatment

Our Services

  • What we think
  • Ayurvedic Consultation
  • Panchkarma Treatment
  • Gynecology Problem
  • Pain Management
  • Infertility Treatment
  • Stress Management
Panchkarma Treatment
  • Our professionals strongly believe in the healing power that can be obtained from nature. Keeping that in mind, we provide services to people for:
Panchkarma Treatment
  • Ayurvedic Consultation - We have many ayurvedic professionals on board who have been handpicked for their long experience.
Panchkarma Treatment1
  • Panchkarma Treatment - With this treatment we remove excess waste materials from the body and corrects imbalances. The harmful substances are eliminated through sweat gland, stomach, urinary tract, bladder, etc.
Panchkarma Treatment2
  • Gynecology Problem - We treat various gynaecological problems that occur among women as they start aging, such as menstrual disorder, amenorrhoea, metrohegia, etc.
Panchkarma Treatment3
  • Pain Management - People who are suffering from pain in various parts of their vody, like knee, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, cervical, etc. are also given treatment.
Panchkarma Treatment4
  • Infertility Treatment - Men, who are suffering from, infertility, loss of libido, etc. are given proper solutions for their treatment.
Om Sai Ayurvedic Clinic1
  • Stress Management - People who are unable to deal with stress are taken good care of while giving them this treatment.
Stress Management Centre

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We have a natural solution for every health problem. You can contact us for further details. You can get an Ayurvedic Consultation from our trained and qualified doctors. We are just a call away!
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You can get an Ayurvedic Consultation from our trained and qualified doctors. We are just a call away!
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